The Hemp Cultivation

Our plants grow at 500 meters altitude in the sunny fresh Swiss mountain air. It is important to us that they receive the necessary care so that they can form their valuable components. Right from the cultivation stage, our aim is to let the hemp plants grow as naturally as possible.

The soil

Where our plants grow, a huge glacier rose hundreds of years ago, leaving a rich soil with important minerals and trace elements. Plants that thrive in these fertile soils are particularly valuable for our health. In order for the soil to regenerate, we refrain from monocultural cultivation in our fields. Indeed, the cultivation of the same plant all the time makes the soil depleted. To prevent nutrient deficiency, our farmers grow other vegetables in the fields in winter, such as radishes or peppers. This strengthens the natural fertility of the soil.

The seeds

The quality of the final product begins with the seed, which we carefully select. For this, we use a hemp variety from the EU catalog of varieties. Cuttings are planted in the field in spring. Since hemp is sensitive to frost, the time of planting should be no earlier than April or May.
Our hemp plants grow under the open sky on a plantation of 18 hectares. In addition, we use a greenhouse to grow the plants. In this natural method of cultivation, the plants are surrounded by a protective roof and can draw all the valuable nutrients from the soil, protected. Under constant monitored conditions, the hemp plants are grown and harvested.

The harvest

The harvest of hemp plants is the culmination of months of effort by our farmers. This takes place once a year in the fall. Gently by hand, only the best parts of the hemp plants are selected and harvested. In the greenhouse, growing conditions can be controlled from temperature to humidity to day length. Thus, harvesting can be up to three times a year.

Bio-Suisse cultivation

At SWOPA, we grow our hemp sustainably according to the Bio-Suisse standards. Bio Suisse is the leading organization in Switzerland that issues organic certificates. Bio Suisse stands for a holistic approach and balances the interests of humans, animals and nature. In addition to the protection of natural resources, the preservation of biodiversity is a central focus for us. In addition, we deliberately avoid monocultures and give the soil the necessary time to regenerate.

No hydroponics

The plants must be able to take root in grown soil. Cultivation in pots or hydroponics is not possible.

Natural fertilisers

For fertilization we do not use chemical fertilisers. Only substances that occur naturally may be used – these are referred to as organic fertilisers.

No artificial substrate

When growing cuttings, no artificial substrate should be used for rooting. The cuttings spend their first days in a pressed ball of soil on a table.

Pest control

To control pests and diseases, chemical / synthetic means are completely avoided. Instead, the natural defences of the hemp plants are stimulated.

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