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Our mission at Swiss Organic Partners is to improve people’s lives with nature’s secret ingredients and provide our customers with high quality hemp products.

Whether CBD oils, isolates, extracts or distillates – all our products go through the best production methods.

We always stand by our clients as partners and offer transparency and comprehensive advice.

Swiss made according to the highest quality standards

Hemp plants from Bio Suisse certified cultivation

Everything from a single source from field to shelf

Verified wide spectrum of natural cannabinoids & terpenes

15 years of experience with cannabis cultivation, research & development

Hand-picked and traditionally harvested

Modern, cold-pressed CO2-extraction

High production capabilities and quick delivery

Personal consulting and support

The Cultivation

With 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, we grow our cannabis plants sustainably in the Swiss Alpine country. We harvest each leaf by hand. Our plants grow both outdoors and in the greenhouse.

The hemp plant takes deep roots and absorbs everything it finds in the lower soil layers. In the process, it absorbs important nutrients from the soil. If the soil was contaminated with pollutants beforehand, the hemp plant will also absorb them. Thus, the quality of the soil is reflected in the finished hemp extract.

Our hemp grows on natural soils that we have been cultivating organically for over 25 years. This allows the plants to draw only valuable nutrients from the soil. In addition, our hemp cultivation is certified by Bio-Suisse.

Sustainability at Swiss Organic Partners

At Swiss Organic Partners, we believe in the full power of nature. To extract the CBD from the hemp plant, we use a CO2-based process that is particularly gentle and sustainable.

We consciously avoid artificial chemicals or additives. The careful selection of the plant parts as well as the gentle processing of the biomass enables us to produce a hemp extract with a high degree of purity.

We try to make every step of production as sustainable as possible. That is why we use cardboard and paper for our packaging.

For the carrier of our CBD oils, we choose sunflower oil, as the sunflowers come from the neighbouring field. In this way, we can save on transport routes.

Quality Assurance

From the cultivation of the hemp plants to the processing of the extracts and the marketing of the products, we have everything under one roof. In this way, we can guarantee continuous quality for years to come.

Furthermore, in addition to our in-house quality assurance, our products are subject to regular checks by independent third-party laboratories. This is how we guarantee transparency, consistency and the highest quality.

Because transparency is important to us, all laboratory reports are accessible here:


Trust through transparency.

Not only our lab reports are publicly available. As proof of quality, we also offer our customers an insight into our certificates and seals of approval.

Become our partner!

With us you will find everything you need to grow your business. Thanks to our many years of experience and broad product portfolio, we can tailor products to your needs.

At Swiss Organic Partners, we attach great importance to long-term cooperation. We will convince you not only with our product range, but also with professional advice.

Would you like to include high-quality CBD products in your range?

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