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Bio-Suisse certified. Cultivated in the Swiss Alps.
A safe product. Rigorously tested in Switzerland.
Fair pricing. For outstanding quality.

Lizenzmarke Playboy

Playboy CBD Products

With Playboy CBD products, you add a well-known brand to your product range.

Eigenmarke Alpinols


With the ALPINOLS brand, we offer the possibility of reselling high-quality CBD products.

Our CBD products: High quality guaranteed

Hemp plants from Bio-Suisse-certified cultivation
Swiss quality
Every batch is tested.
Each product has a safety report.
100% free from harmful substances
Wide spectrum of natural cannabinoids & terpenes

ALPINOLS in your drugstore & perfumery

Our own brand ALPINOLS offers a wide range of CBD oils in different concentrations up to a highly concentrated oil with 40% CBD content. With the “Effect Line”, also CBD oils with different natural additives are part of the product range. ALPINOLS offers special CBD oils for animals that are adapted to the needs of dogs and cats.


Alpinols Full Spectrum

ALPINOLS Full Spectrum

Besides cannabidiol (CBD), the Full Spectrum oil contains all the natural ingredients of the hemp plant.

ALPINOLS Broad Spectrum

ALPINOLS Broad Spectrum

Besides the valuable cannabinoids, the oil contains a broad spectrum of terpenes and other plant substances.

ALPINOLS für Tiere

ALPINOLS CBD Oil for Animals

For ALPINOLS we develop special CBD oils for animals – adapted to their specific needs.

ALPINOLS Wasserlösliche Tropfen


The water-soluble CBD drops from ALPINOLS have a particularly high bioavailability.

“CBD Effect Line” by ALPINOLS


Happy Days

In the “Happy Days” formulation, vitamin D and lemon balm are added as ingredients alongside the full-spectrum CBD extract.


Deine Tage

The CBD oil “Deine Tage” was developed by women for women. It is a CBD oil with a broad spectrum of plant compounds. The THC is removed up to a residual amount.

ALPINOLS Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

In addition to cannabinoids such as CBD, terpenes and other plant substances from hemp plants, soothing chamomile is found in this oil.


CBD Protect

In addition to the other ingredients, black cumin and calendula are part of this natural formulation of CBD oil.

CBD Cosmetics by ALPINOLS

Not all CBD is of the same nature. Our hemp plants are grown organically. Through sustainable management, in-house production, independent bottling and in-house storage, we are able to

exclude impurities,
guarantee a very high CBD concentration,
detect a distinct spectrum of cannabinoids and phytochemicals,
make supply chains and processes transparent,
and offer a fair price.

CBD Cream

For our own brand ALPINOLS, we developed a CBD face cream that has a high CBD content and, in combination with other ingredients, protects the skin from age- and environment-related damage.

CBD Massage Balm

Whether in massage balm or back ointment, CBD can be used as an ingredient. Our ALPINOLS CBD massage balm, for example, has a cooling effect and supports regeneration after training.

CBD Body Oil

CBD body or facial oils can be used for skin, hair, face and body.

CBD Serum

A soothing CBD face serum enriched with retinol, jojoba oil and other high-quality ingredients is also part of our own brand.

Playboy CBD products in the drugstore

The product selection of our licensed brand Playboy includes CBD oils in various concentrations with broad spectrum or full spectrum extracts.

CBD Oils from Playboy

Playboy Broad Spectrum CBD

Playboy CBD Broad Spectrum

Besides the valuable cannabinoids, the broad spectrum oil contains terpenes and other plant substances.

Playboy CBD Full Spectrum

Playboy CBD Full Spectrum

Besides cannabidiol (CBD), the Full Spectrum oil contains all the natural plant substances of hemp.

Playboy CBD mit Kamille

Playboy CBD with Camomile

This CBD oil contains natural camomile in addition to the important plant substances of the hemp plant.

Playboy CBD Cosmetics

In addition to CBD oils from Playboy, CBD cosmetics are also a great way to expand the cosmetics section in your drugstore or perfumery. High-quality ingredients and a strong brand are moving reasons for the purchase decision. Playboy CBD products are also based on our organically grown hemp extracts from the Swiss Alpine foothills.

Playboy CBD Gesichtsserum

Playboy CBD Face Serum

Playboy CBD Gesichtscreme

Playboy CBD Face Cream

Playboy CBD Massageöl

Playboy CBD Massage Oil

Application CBD Skin

Benefits of CBD in Skin Care Products

When applied to the skin, the cannabinoid CBD as an ingredient of creams, ointments, oils or serums can interact with the cannabinoid receptors of the skin cells and thus restore the natural balance. This leads to a balanced skin appearance.

Our products are characterised by the following features:

antioxidant – prevents first signs of skin ageing
moisturising – activates skin protection
can reduce redness
can reduce excess sebum

We have been selling CBD for 15 years. You can sell it as well.

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Cristina Palazzi

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