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Transparency, trust, innovation – and above all, improving people’s lives with the power of nature. This is what we strive for every day at Swiss Organic Partners. After more than 15 years of experience in hemp cultivation and over 25 years in organic farming, we can offer a unique variance of innovative products and services.

We care equally about nature and people, which is why every stage of the value chain is carried out according to strict quality guidelines. In addition to the highest organic quality of our hemp products, this also means paying attention to sustainability and biodiversity during cultivation and further processing. Accordingly, we supply customers who place high value on the production and distribution of sustainably produced and high-quality hemp products.

Our hemp products for B2B customers at a glance

What is special about our CBD products:
They are completely natural and come from Bio Suisse certified cultivation in the Swiss Alps.

No chemical solvents, pesticides or herbicides are used – a safe product with outstanding quality.

What is special about our CBD products:
They are completely natural and come from Bio Suisse certified cultivation in the Swiss Alps.
No chemical solvents, pesticides or herbicides are used – a safe product with outstanding quality.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Our Full Spectrum CBD oil contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. This means that not only cannabidiol (CBD) is contained in the product, but all ingredients from the hemp plant such as other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Through the interaction of these different components, there is potential for the so-called entourage effect. This states that the entire spectrum of the hemp plant can develop synergetic effects.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Our Broad Spectrum CBD oils are THC-free, but still contain all the valuable ingredients from hemp. Here, too, the extract is first obtained by CO2 extraction. The vegetable fats are then dissolved from the extract by means of winterisation. With the help of modern flash chromatography, the THC is then separated from the extract. In the last step of the process, the extract is distilled under vacuum without losing the important ingredients. Here too, the CBD extract is then dissolved in a carrier oil.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
water soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD

Besides the classic CBD oils, Swiss Organic Partners also offers innovative hemp products such as the water soluble CBD drops. For maximum bioavailability, micelle technology is used in their production. This means that the body can directly absorb substances that were originally difficult to dissolve after they have been coated with a water soluble shell in the manufacturing process.

CBD Cosmetics

Our CBD cosmetic products are based on natural ingredients and meet the highest quality standards. CBD is particularly suitable for daily skin care. In combination with other valuable ingredients, such as aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate (salt of hyaluronic acid) as well as vitamins like vitamin C and E, high-quality cosmetic products such as face creams, serums, or massage oils can be created. 

You can choose between our ALPINOLS cosmetic products, which are also available as white label products. If you wish, you can also choose a private label solution, where you launch your cosmetic creations on the market. We are happy to support you in the development of individual cannabinoid formulations with various plant extracts and vitamins.

CBD cosmetics
CBD oil for pets

CBD for Pets

Hemp products for pets are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why we have CBD products in our range that are specially tailored to the needs of our four-legged friends. They do not contain THC. In addition, the hemp products for cats are free from terpenes, as these cannot be metabolised.

CBD raw materials

When it comes to our raw materials, you can choose between extracts, isolates and distillates. They come either from our Swiss organic hemp cultivation or from conventional Swiss hemp cultivation. While our extracts contain cannabidiol (CBD), other cannabinoids, and a complete terpene profile, the isolates have a high degree of purity of over 99%. They consist exclusively of CBD in crystalline form. Our highly concentrated CBD distillates are THC-free and contain only traces of other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC) as well as a few terpenes. 

All our raw materials are free of pesticides, heavy metals, solvent residues, and other foreign substances.

CBG products

CBG Products

Besides cannabidiol (CBD), other cannabinoids have interesting properties. One of these cannabinoids is cannabigerol (CBG), from which all cannabinoids originate. Therefore, it is also called the “mother of cannabinoids”.

We also produce CBG products from the hemp plants grown in our fields. Since only young plants have a high CBG content, the manual harvest takes place much earlier in this process. Thanks to our gentle and modern processing methods, we can provide you with high-quality CBG products.

Which solution best suits your ideas?

White Label CBD

White Label

Our white label products are already developed recipes that are produced without brand labelling. With this solution, we provide you with a wide range of CBD products that you can sell under your own brand name and packaging design.

Private Label

With Private Label, we offer you high-quality solutions that meet your requirements. Are you interested in a special recipe? With this solution, we work with you to develop the desired product, giving you creative freedom in product development. The packaging and the label are also individually adapted to your needs.

Bulk Rohstoffe Full Spectrum

Raw materials

We have a range of different raw materials and cannabinoid products for you to choose from, which are either suitable for further processing or for direct sale. Our raw extracts, distillates and isolates are also available in bulk in accordance with your requirements.

Add popular products to your own range

For resellers from a wide range of industries, we offer the entire product range of our own brand ALPINOLS. Besides Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum oils in different CBD concentrations, we also offer various CBD cosmetic products as well as CBD products for dogs and cats.

Which products best suit your clientele?


Our own brand ALPINOLS

With ALPINOLS, we have created a brand that stands for quality, sustainability and a natural feeling of well-being.

You would like to profit from our successful brand?

The best time for the CBD market

It is worth entering the CBD industry early, as hemp products are becoming increasingly popular with end consumers. In a survey, 74 percent of 50- and 69-year-olds, 69 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds and 68 percent of 16- to 29-year-olds said they could imagine using CBD or had already used it.

Organic CBD oils for business customers – Our services at a glance

Benefit from our full service and use our full range of options. We stand by you as a reliable partner in the expansion of your product range and have the right solution for every customer requirement. Our service is characterised, among other things, by:

Transparency & Reliability

We are reachable in person and communicate timeframes and deliveries transparently.

Maximum flexibility

Our high production capacities and short delivery times enable us and you to act at short notice.

Expertise & Consulting

With 15 years of experience and innovative methods, we support you in purchasing & product development.

Price-performance ratio

We offer you a wide variety of products with proven premium quality at fair prices.

Benefit from many advantages as a SWOPA business customer

We offer a diverse range of products with exceptionally high quality standards. You have the choice between the products of our house brand ALPINOLS or the White Label CBD products and Private Label CBD products. With the cannabidiol private label variants, you have the option of having cannabinoid formulations made according to your wishes. Of course, hemp products are also available in bulk.

We are also highly flexible. We can implement your ideas and wishes quickly and easily because we handle all the production processes ourselves – from cultivation to development, filling, labelling and storage.

All product advantages at a glance

Bio Suisse certified hemp cultivation
Hand harvesting and gentle CO2 extraction process
Natural, Vegan & Non-GMO
Different CBD and THC concentrations
CBD Private Label, CBD White Label, CBD Bulkware
Detailed, transparent and independent quality controls (Safety Reports and Certificates of Analysis)

Our service offer at a glance

High production capacities and fast delivery
Reliability and transparency in all processes and our communication
Attractive starter packages with low minimum order quantities
Support in product development, marketing, creation of designs and packaging
Maximum flexibility for customised product solutions
Personal advice and support from contact persons with many years of experience in the CBD business

Our offer for your industry

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At Swiss Organic Partners, we are pleased to advise, supply and support major customers from a wide range of industries. These include pharmaceutical manufacturers, small and large cosmetics manufacturers and laboratories as well as contract manufacturers.

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In the retail sector, the demand for cannabinoid products continues to rise. Whether drugstores, organic stores, hemp shops, cosmetic studios or alternative practitioners – we maintain close contact with our customers in the retail sector and offer a wide range of solutions.

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CBD brands

Are you the operator of a hemp shop and have always wanted to integrate a very specific product into your range? With us, you can choose between ready-made white label products or private label solutions for which you can determine the composition yourself.

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We work with numerous pharmacies and pharmacy wholesalers who offer CBD and CBG products to their customers. Would you like to include our products in your range or offer high-quality products under your own brand name? We have the right solution for you.

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