Sustainability and Responsibility

Swiss Organic Partners AG

We aim to connect people, planet and profit. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are a central part of our corporate DNA.

We are a sustainable company. This includes, among other things, doing business in a socially and ecologically responsible way and taking personal responsibility for the environment:

Our Highlights

Bio-Suisse cultivation

Our plants are grown according to the highest organic standards. Genuine Swiss quality.

CO2 Extraction

Our extraction is technologically state-of-the-art: environmentally friendly, without heat, without solvents.

Short transport routes

From seedling to harvest to finished product – all under one roof.


We guarantee complete tracking of CBD production.

Our Values

Our young company has grown very rapidly since its foundation. Many professional employees have joined our team over the years. We place a high value on the satisfaction of each individual. We promote a positive working atmosphere where everyone will be able to feel comfortable and develop their personal strengths. That is one of our sustainable recipes for success. Besides that:


Our customers are also partners for us: Swiss Organic Partners. We focus on long-term relationships and always stand by our customers as partners.

Sustainable Organic Hemp Cultivation: Being in Harmony with Nature

We work diligently every day to ensure that our cannabis plants can develop their full herbal potential. Top products also need first-class raw materials. That is why the organic cultivation of the plants on our 18 hectares of arable land is very important to us: we nurture and care for our hemp according to the current Bio-Suisse guidelines.

What does that mean exactly? Our cannabis plants grow outdoors in the field or in a greenhouse where organic vegetables were previously grown. We cultivate the soils according to the strict Bio-Suisse criteria. For example, we do not use synthetic chemical pesticides or artificial fertilisers. All purely natural.

By gently processing the biomass, we ensure that the end product contains only the valuable components of the hemp plant, free of weeds and impurities.

We want to set a valid and green standard for cannabis cultivation worldwide.

Saving Energy and Resources

We produce two tons of CBD extract per year. The entire production is under one roof – from seeds to the finished CBD product. The entire value chain is under our control. This allows us to travel minimal distances and thus reduce our ecological footprint.

We are particularly proud of our state-of-the-art CO2 extraction process. Because the processing of our raw materials does not require heat. Environmentally harmful substances and solvents do not correspond to our corporate values and are therefore not used. We want to protect our environment.

We always try to offer the best possible solution for our product packaging. All our CBD oils and cosmetic products are supplied in glass bottles. These protect the product optimally. In addition, our packaging does not require any plastic at all. Packages and parcels in which the products are packed are made of recycled cardboard and are shipped with sustainable filling material.

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