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Swiss Organic Partners AG

Your trusted Partner and Supplier for 100% Swiss Organic CBD

At Swiss Organic Partners AG, we develop and sell premium cannabis products for the wellbeing and medical cannabis market. We strive to improve life by utilizing nature’s secret ingredients and making high quality, Swiss made organic cannabinoid products accessible to everyone.

Best-in-class & Swiss-made

Our Product and Services

Our wide range of services at Swiss Organic Partners makes us one-of-a-kind. We can provide you with our in-house brand, white label & private label solutions, as well as bulk hemp extracts for your own product development.



A global brand for organic swiss made cannabinoid products

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White Label and Private Label

White Label / Private Label

White Label & Private label hemp extract products for other cannabis brands

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Bulk Cannabinoids


Bulk hemp extracts for producers who need CBD for their own product development

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What we stand for

100% Organic – 100% Highest Quality – 100% Transparency

As we manage the whole value chain from cultivation to extraction and production, we have full control and transparency over our cannabis products. We only extract from our own organic certified biomass and we work with state-of-the-art equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure exceptional quality CBD and other cannabinoids products.

Swiss Organic Partners Cannabis
Cannabis cultivation and organic farming

Our love for nature

We strive to improve life by utilising nature’s secret ingredients and making organic CBD and cannabinoid products of the highest quality accessible to everyone.

With more than 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and over 25 years in organic farming, we have learnt that plants are a lot like humans. The more care and love we give, the better they grow. That is why we harvest each leaf and bud by hand and analyse our products in-house as well as in a third-party lab. Using this method, we can guarantee consistency, transparency and the finest hemp extract.

Swiss Alpinopharma

Highest Swiss quality standards and innovative products and services around medicinal cannabis

We strive to achieve the highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical sector. We bring our pharmaceutical know-how and innovative approaches to the Alpinolin brand, focusing on the key areas of oncology, pain therapy and the central nervous system. Together with evidence-based treatment methods, as well as a digital Alpinolin platform, we want to improve the lives of patients with medical cannabis.

Swiss Alpinopharma

We are certified members of:

Der Deutsche Hanfverband
CannaTrust Die Bewertungsplatt­form für Cannabinoid-Produkte
Leafly - Das Wissensportal über Cannabis als Medizin
European Industrial Hemp Association