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CBG Products

Products containing the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) are extremely popular with end users. But the hemp plant has other valuable cannabinoids to offer – such as cannabigerol (CBG). Research is also increasingly concerned with CBG, so that the demand for CBG products is growing. That is why we offer high-quality CBG products as CBG White Label, CBG Private Label and CBG Bulk variants from our own production.

What is cannabigerol (CBG)?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a very special cannabinoid, as it is the biochemical precursor of all cannabinoid acids in the hemp plant. This is why CBG is often called the “mother of cannabinoids“.

In the young hemp plants, cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) is formed first, from which the cannabinoid precursors, such as cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), are produced. Cannabinoid acids are only transformed into “active” cannabinoids under the influence of light and heat. This causes a molecule to split off. With reference to the example of cannabidiolic acid, CBDA becomes cannabidiol (CBD) and CBGA becomes CBG.

CBG is moving more and more into the focus of the sciences. Preliminary studies in cells and animals indicate a therapeutic potential of CBG alone and in combination with other cannabinoids. In this context, research is mainly focused on the possible anti-inflammatory and blood pressure-lowering properties of CBG. CBG is also being investigated in connection with the fight against hospital germs (multi-resistant germs).

Our CBG products

Our premium CBG products are made from the hemp plants that we grow in our own fields in the Swiss Alps according to the strict Bio Suisse guidelines. Since only very young plants have a high CBG content, they are harvested by hand early on.

You can get cannabigerol from us either as an isolate or mixed with a carrier oil, in the form of a CBG oil.


The production of CBG is similar to the production of CBD oil. By means of heating, the CBG is first split off from the cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). The CBG is then dissolved using the gentle CO2 extraction process.
A carrier oil is then added, resulting in a high-quality CBG oil.

CBG Isolate

You can use our CBG isolate for cosmetic products or for the production of CBG drops. Cannabigerol isolates are created by removing all other ingredients such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the raw hemp extract using the chromatography process.

This is followed by several distillation processes in which the fats and plant waxes are removed. Unlike other CBG manufacturers, no solvent residues remain in our CBG isolate.

CBD Isolat

Benefit from many advantages as a SWOPA business customer

When you buy CBG products from us, you can be sure that they meet the highest quality standards. We carry out independent quality checks on every batch of product and provide both Safety Reports and Certificates of Analysis.

Since everything comes from a single source – from cultivation to harvesting to further processing – we can offer you different product solutions. These include CBG white label and private label variants as well as CBG bulk goods. In addition, we are able to produce large quantities within a very short time and guarantee short delivery times.

We have many years of experience in hemp cultivation and product development, so we can advise and support you extensively in all matters. Reliability and transparency in all our processes and communication are particularly important to us.

Our offer for your industry

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At Swiss Organic Partners, we are pleased to advise, supply and support major customers from a wide range of industries. These include pharmaceutical manufacturers, small and large cosmetics manufacturers and laboratories as well as contract manufacturers.

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In the retail sector, the demand for cannabinoid products continues to rise. Whether drugstores, organic stores, hemp shops, cosmetic studios or alternative practitioners – we maintain close contact with our customers in the retail sector and offer a wide range of solutions.

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CBD brands

Are you the operator of a hemp shop and have always wanted to integrate a very specific product into your range? With us, you can choose between ready-made white label products or private label solutions for which you can determine the composition yourself.

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We work with numerous pharmacies and pharmacy wholesalers who offer CBD and CBG products to their customers. Would you like to include our products in your range or offer high-quality products under your own brand name? We have the right solution for you.

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