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Cannabis available as raw material, white label & private label product in any quantity.

CBD for the Pharmaceutical Industry

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cannabis products, we have been supplying well-known customers from the pharmaceutical industry for years. Our hemp plants grow in the productive and certified organic soils of the Swiss Alps. From sowing to storage of the product ready for dispatch, every production step is in our hands and can thus be flexibly adapted.

Organic Raw Materials and Cannabis Products as Ingredients in Pharmaceutical Products

Our product range includes a wide repertoire of cannabis raw materials from extracts to distillates and isolates. We also offer full- and broad-spectrum oils in large quantities that contain CBD as well as the important other plant substances such as terpenes. Cannabinoid products with a main content of CBG is also available. We can vary product quantities depending on your needs.

Bulk Rohstoffe Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Oils

We offer different types of full-spectrum oils with the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Rohstoffe Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum Oils

Using flash chromatography to extract THC, we offer high quality broad spectrum oils.

CBD Rohstoffe Broad Spectrum

Crude Oils

A crude extract is the resulting product after extraction from the plant. It contains the entire composition of the plant, including CBD and CBG, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids.

Rohstoffe Destillate


Distillates are the end product obtained after distillation and processing of a crude oil, in which waxes, lipids, and other plant materials are removed from the extract.

Bulk Rohstoffe Isolate


We provide a wide range of cannabinoid isolates such as CBD and CBG of highest purity and free of contaminants.

CBG Oils

We provide a wide range of cannabinoid oils of highest purity such as CBG.

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Sale as an Over-the-Counter Product (OTC)

The cannabinoid CBD has become a frequently used ingredient in various pharmaceutical products. The spectrum ranges from creams and ointments that are available over-the-counter for end consumers to medicinal cannabis products that are available only on prescription.

Regulations apply to the production of over-the-counter products, but these are based on end-product criteria such as the concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids, rather than the cultivation or quality of the original cannabis plant.

Hemp quality

For patients, the quality of the medicinal product is a decisive purchase criterion*. Work with the best ingredients:

Hemp plants from Bio-Suisse-certified cultivation
Swiss Made
CO2 extraction
Every batch strictly controlled
Wide spectrum of natural cannabinoids & terpenes

* Survey pharmaceutical company UCB, 2018

Our Processes: Transparent

With Swiss Organic Partners you choose quality. We do not make any compromises in the manufacture of our products. Every step is under our control, including the certified organic cultivation, the extraction of the plant substances, the quality of the carrier oils and the careful labelling and packaging. This leads to a transparency in the production process and in the deliveries that we can control and guarantee.

In-house and Independent Quality Checks

Trust, transparency and consistent quality are our top priorities. That is why we analyse every production step in our in-house laboratory.

In addition, we have been working closely with an independent laboratory for many years, so that we can deliver every production batch together with a certified, independent laboratory analysis.

We guarantee the exact cannabinoid concentration and that our ingredients are always free from pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

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