CBD für Apotheken

High quality in the pharmacy.

Bio-Suisse certified. Cultivation in Switzerland.
A safe product. Strictly tested.
Fair prices. For excellent quality.

The demand for CBD products has increased significantly in recent years. Adapt your offer and expand your product range with our high quality, organically certified CBD products. The hemp extract forming the core of each of our products is grown in the Swiss Alps. The soils are cultivated sustainably. We do our own extraction. Every drop is within our control.

White Label CBD

White Label Products

We deliver a marketable product for your brand quickly and without complications.

Eigenmarke Alpinols


With the ALPINOLS brand, we offer the possibility of reselling high-quality CBD products.

Our products: High-quality guaranteed

Hemp plants from Bio-Suisse-certified cultivation
100 % Swiss Made
Every batch strictly controlled
Each product has a safety report.
100% free from harmful substances
Wide spectrum of natural cannabinoids & terpenes

ALPINOLS in your pharmacy

The product range of our own brand ALPINOLS includes CBD oils in different concentrations up to a highly concentrated oil with 40% CBD content. In addition to pure CBD oils, we offer an “Effect Line” of CBD oils with different natural additives. We also developed CBD oils that are specially adapted to the needs of animals, such as a CBD oil for cats and CBD oil for dogs.


Alpinols Full Spectrum

ALPINOLS Full Spectrum

Besides cannabidiol (CBD), Full Spectrum oil contains all the natural ingredients of the hemp plant.

ALPINOLS Broad Spectrum

ALPINOLS Broad Spectrum

Besides the valuable cannabinoids, oil contains a broad spectrum of terpenes and other plant substances.

ALPINOLS für Tiere

ALPINOLS CBD oil for pets

For ALPINOLS we develop special CBD oils for animals – adapted to their specific needs.

ALPINOLS Wasserlösliche Tropfen

ALPINOLS Aqua drops

The water-soluble CBD drops from ALPINOLS have a particularly high bioavailability.

CBD “Effect Line” from ALPINOLS


Happy Days

In the “Happy Days” formulation, vitamin D and lemon balm join the full-spectrum CBD extract as ingredients.


Deine Tage

The CBD oil “Deine Tage” was developed by women for women. It is a CBD oil with a broad spectrum of plant substances. The THC is extracted up to a residual amount.

ALPINOLS Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

In addition to cannabinoids such as CBD, terpenes and other plant substances from hemp plants, soothing chamomile is found in this oil.


CBD Protect

Black cumin and calendula, among other ingredients, are part of this natural formulation of CBD oil.

CBD cosmetic from ALPINOLS

In addition to the different versions of CBD oils, we create an appealing alternative to conventional products with our new CBD cosmetics. Our CBD cosmetics have the highest CBD content on the market and are certified organic. It is based on the best hemp extracts with a proven profile of plant substances such as cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD creme

Under our own brand ALPINOLS, we sell a CBD face cream that has a high CBD content and, in combination with other ingredients, protects against age-related and environmentally induced skin damage.

CBD massage balm

Whether in massage balm or back ointment, CBD can be used as an ingredient. Our ALPINOLS CBD massage balm, for example, has a cooling effect and supports regeneration after training.

CBD body oil

CBD body or facial oils can be used for skin, hair, face and body.

CBD serum

A soothing CBD face serum enriched with retinol, jojoba oil and other high-quality ingredients is part of our own brand.

White label products for your pharmacy

By purchasing white label products, you enter the market with your own product. We sell you products that

developed elaborately,
produced to a high standard,
filled in glass bottles
and are ready for sale.

We are your experienced and reliable partner. Hemp is our passion since 15 years.

Transparenz und Verlässlichkeit

Transparency & Reliability

We are personally available and communicate time frames and deliveries transparently

Flexibilität und Verlässlichkeit


Our high production capacities and short delivery times allow us to act at short notice

Expertise und Beratung

Expertise & Consulting

With 15 years of experience and innovative methods, we support purchasing & product development


Price – Performance Ratio

We offer the highest quality proven products at fair prices

Hemp cultivation

Our company: Swiss Organic Partners

We have been working in organic farming for the past 25 years and have been gaining experience in cannabis cultivation since 15 years. We cultivate fields in the Swiss Alps with respect for nature. In addition to cultivation, every step in further production is under our control.

This enables us to implement secure, short and transparent supply chains.

A product is just as good as its ingredients, that is certain.

We offer our services to companies that place great importance on criteria such as origin, quality, and sustainability in the production and distribution of their products.

Become one of our partners. We provide you with reliable support.

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