Our Team of Experts

At Swiss Organic Partners, we have experts from many different fields such as medicine, biology, food science, cosmetics, agriculture and more!

We all work together to make Cannabis products of the highest quality accessible to everyone!

Matteo Delbrück

CEO and Co-Founder of Swiss Organic Partners AG

„It is our mission to make high-quality Swiss CBD accessible to everyone; for a balanced, stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Trust, research, innovation, quality and transparency are therefore the most important values for us – after all, our health is always the priority”

Wolfgang Storf

CEO Swiss Alpinopharma

“The reason we get up every day is because of the people – who suffer from a wide variety of diseases. With the passion and energy we put into our work, we can improve the lives of these people with high-quality medical cannabis.

To help our medical cannabis reach even further, we invest in evidence-based studies and education for medical specialists so they can make informed prescribing decisions.”

Roland Meuter

Chief Product Officer

„I like to compare hemp with wine. Good cultivation, care and passion can be tasted, recognized by the pure color and the full strength perceived by the smell.“

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