Medical cannabis for patient-centered solutions

Evidence-based cannabinoid treatments for improving patients’ health.

Swiss Alpinopharma, is dedicated to providing the market with high quality medical cannabis.

We stand by physicians, pharmacies and patients as a reliable partner on all topics related to medical cannabis. Our focus is explicitly on the quality of the products, patient well-being and the associated service. We support scientific research to develop sustainable, innovative and evidence-based treatments with medical cannabis, starting in Germany and Switzerland. In doing so, we guarantee the highest quality for the products we offer.

What is medical cannabis?

An additional therapy option

Cannabis is considered medical cannabis if it has been prescribed by a physician/doctor for the relief or treatment of symptoms or disease. In this sense, any cannabis-based product that contains an effective amount of active cannabinoids can be considered medical cannabis if it is prescribed and used for that medical purpose. Medical cannabis products are predominantly used:

  • For chronic pain conditions, for example, neuropathic pain or pain caused by cancer;
  • In spasticity and convulsions induced by neurological diseases;
  • In chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV).

Promoting cannabinoid research

More studies, more safety

We want to be at the forefront of medical cannabinoid research. Through partnerships with leading research institutions, Swiss Alpinopharma supports the collection of evidence from clinical applications with medical cannabinoids.

Are you a doctor or pharmacist?

Expand your knowledge about medical cannabis!

Via your Doccheck login, you can find information about our research activities, education and the prescription of medical cannabis in our specialist area for pharmacists and physicians.

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