Our CBD production: from cultivation to the finished product

From field to shelf – Everything under one roof

Best-in-class cannabis & CBD producer

The entire value chain – from the seeds to the finished product – is in our control. Our cannabis farmers are organically certified by Bio Suisse regulations, the highest and strictest standard for Swiss organic agriculture. We produce in Switzerland, in accordance with Swiss law and food regulations and work with state-of-the–art equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process. We offer bulk products, private label solutions and our in-house brand ALPINOLS.

What we stand for

  • 100% Organic

  • 100% Swiss Made

  • 100% Consistent highest quality

  • 100% Made in-house

  • 100% Transparent

  • 100% Customer-oriented

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SWOPA Values
production and cultivation of cannabis

From field to shelf in-house

We control every single production step

We grew up in alpine landscapes and strive to improve life by utilising nature’s secret ingredients. Our unique production and cultivation of cannabis ensures that our organic CBD products are of the highest quality. With more than 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and over 25 years in organic farming, we have learnt that plants are a lot like humans. The more care and love we give, the better they grow.

25 years of organic farming

Highest organic standards

Our Production is organically certified by Bio Suisse regulations. It is the highest and strictest standard for Swiss organic agriculture. The manufacturing process is free from any chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. To create our cannabinoid extracts, we hand-pick our hemp at the optimum time of the plant’s lifecycle by only selecting the best parts of the plant. We don‘t waste anything and we are 100% sustainable. The stems and the leaves that are discarded are utilised in our production as fertiliser.

Bio Suisse CBD Organic Farming
Chemist extracting cbd with rotavapor in laboratory

Extraction methods

Keeping all valuable active compounds of the cannabis plant

We work with state-of-the–art equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our CO2 extraction method guarantees the preservation of all the active plant ingredients.The gentle CO2 extraction is made in-house, just a few steps from the field. The extraction is made without any heat to avoid the destruction of valuable cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. For the broad spectrum we remove THC with flash chromatography.

Best-in-class service and product quality

We think in partnerships

Every day, our entire team is committed to produce the best possible cannabis products and provide best-in-class services for our customers. Comprehensive consulting, transparency and education are key to us. As our company name states – Swiss Organic Partners – we think in long-term partnerships and want to build long-lasting collaborations with our customers.

Swiss Organic Partners
CBD Production and fields

Our Production & Fields

Largest BioSuisse cannabis cultivation

We have been growing cannabis in Switzerland for years. With our 150,000 square meters of outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, we are proud to be one of the largest organic grower in Europe. We guarantee transparency and consistency in our product ingredients. Every production batch is subject to a detailed analysis in our in-house laboratory. Simultaneously we send the same batch to an independent accredited laboratory which performs a high precision, high accuracy and in compliance with good laboratory practice analysis.

Our Partners


Jucker Farm

One of the leading agrotourism, agriculture producer and distributor in Switzerland

Fulfillment Swiss

Fulfillment Swiss

Our reliable full-service logistics and fulfilment specialist for Europe, US and Asia

Fulfillment Swiss

Wolf Biogemüse

Organic farming pioneers and Bio Suisse certified


Suisse BioHemp

More than 15 years experience in recreational and medical cannabis cultivation

We are certified members of:

Der Deutsche Hanfverband
CannaTrust Die Bewertungsplatt­form für Cannabinoid-Produkte
Leafly - Das Wissensportal über Cannabis als Medizin
European Industrial Hemp Association